Comfy Cozy Pullover Sweater

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I heart sweaters.  They are cozy, some are warm, some are just the perfect weight for a cool late-summer night.


9.00mm crochet hook
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Worsted-weight yarn (about 1200 yards for a size large) I used Yarn Bee’s “Sugar Wheel” for this particular sweater.  But if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, you could certainly use Lion Brand’s Mandala Yarn.

Yarn needle for weaving in loose ends

**This sweater is crocheted using the “Suzette” stitch.  Check out a tutorial for this stitch HERE.**


I don’t know about anyone else, but my body does not conform to any one pattern.  There are so many variations in the way one person crochets to another, that it makes sizing difficult, at least for my body….and I KNOW there has to be others out there in the same boat!

With this sweater, there really isn’t chain number set in stone.  What I do, is chain until my chain reaches from hip to hip, comfortable, not stretched out.  With this stitch, I continue to chain up to the next odd number.

For example, my hip measurement is 34, so I chained until the length reached 17”. This was only 44 chains, so I went up to 49 to start my sweater.  (I like my sweaters to fit loose)

**If this sweater is for a gift, HERE is some handy sizing information**



*Make 2*

Chain ______ (insert your chain number here)

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, dc in same chain.  Skip 1 chain.  *sc,dc in same chain, skip 1 chain*  Repeat between *  * to end.

Rows 2- 58: Repeat row 1.

At this point, you should have 2 giant rectangles.

Join the front to back by laying right sides together, flat on a table (that’s the easiest for me, do what works for you).  Stitch the sides together from row 1 to row 48.

To make the neck opening, stitch from the beginning of the arm hole, towards the center.  For mine, I sewed about 7 inches in, but this is totally up to you, depending on how large of an opening you want.


To make the sleeves, join yarn with a slip stitch in the bottom of the armhole, and sc in each space around, making sure your stitches are even, and that you end on an odd number.  Do not join.

Turn your work.

Row 1: *sc, dc, skip one chain* to end.  Turn.

Row 2-18: Repeat row one.

For row 19, we are going to decrease.  I wanted the decrease to be slight.  I didn’t want a huge decrease that would be lumpy when you sew your seam.

Row 19: sc in 2nd chain from hook. Skip 1 chain.  *sc, dc, skip one chain* until you reach the 3rd chain from the end. Skip that chain, and sc in the next.  Turn.

Rows 20-25: Repeat row one.

Row 26: Repeat row 19.

Rows 27-32: Repeat row one.

The sleeves should come down about mid-hand.  Personally, that is where I like my cozy-sweater sleeves to end.

Sew the sleeve seams together, sew in those yarn tails, and you’re done!

After I washed mine it relaxed a bit, and is ohhhh soooo cozy!  I would LOVE to see your finished projects!  Post them in the Facebook group, Small Town Crochet!

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