DIY Painted Little Tikes Plastic Playset

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DIY Painted Little Tikes Plastic Playset

While taking care of a few home maintenance projects, I had looked out our window and saw what condition our kids’ playset was in.  Our kiddos love their big, plastic playset.  It was quite the find at a garage sale, I only paid 75.00 (score!).  But it has obviously seen better days.  Structurally, it’s perfectly fine; it’s so sturdy that even I can stand on it.

But the paint was severely faded.  So I grabbed a few cans of Rustoleum spray paint, which is a paint & primer in one can.  I opted for the ultimate high-gloss, that bonds to plastic.  They didn’t have the exact colors, so I got a little creative with my color choices.

I did not paint the tan parts.  Those parts weren’t faded, they just needed a good scrubbing.  I used 2 cans of paint for the blue, green and red, for a total of 6 cans.  The total cost of paint was about $25.00.  This project took me a total of 2 days to complete, from cleaning to assembly.

(No, I’m not associated with Rustoleum, I’m just a HUGE fan of their products!!!!)

Here is what it looked like before:

First I scrubbed all the parts and rinsed them extremely well, and waited for them to dry completely before I started spraying.  It appears as though someone had painted this in the past.

After the parts were dry, I started in.  I held the can about 10-12 inches from the plastic, using smooth back-and-forth motions to coat the parts without putting it on so heavy that there were runs.  Each part took 2 coats of paint.

These were the worst pieces.  This is after 2 coats.  See that shine?

I let all of the parts dry for 24 hours before I started to assemble the playset.

Would I use Rustoleum’s paint again?  HECK YES.  It coated so much better than other brands I have used.  The kids have been all over this thing, as well as the puppy and her claws.  And there are no scratches!  It looks amazing, and brand-spankin’ new.

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