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Meet the chick behind Hooks and Hammers!

My name is Ann, and this is where you will find me chatting about all things DIY.

The home that is featured on the blog is our National Folk-style I-house, built in 1910, that needs a lot of TLC.  We are always working to improve our little home, whether it be much-needed repairs, room makeovers, or home decor.

The home featured on Hooks and Hammers

My blogging journey started when I posted a blurry picture online of a fireplace I had built a few years ago, from scrap wood.  Since then, we have built several pieces of furniture, remodeled 2 houses, and we’re working on the third.


My 1st DIY fireplace!


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to save money. If there is a way a project can be DIY’d, you can bet I will find a way.

I’m here to show you that virtually any project, whether small or large, CAN be completed on your own, without a fancy workshop, using tools that most folks already have, or that they can purchase at an affordable price, from their local home improvement store.

I hope little blog gives you the confidence and knowledge to tackle any DIY project you’ve been thinking about.

Hooks and Hammers has been featured on Hometalk and made the list of the “Top 100 DIY Blogs” by FeedSpot.

Want to connect?  Email me at ann@hooksandhammers.com